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Destruction of the Rainforest

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Defoestation Group E:
Tom Raffoul
John Neenan
Chris Griffin
Adrian Curtin
Erik Gimler

Some Facts About the Rainforest:

- We are losing around 137 platns, animals and insects every day.

- Every second an area the size of a football field is destroyed.

- Europeans have destroyed 90 tribes in Brazil.

-The Rainforest provides many medicines and is a main provider of our oxygen supply.


Picture: This picture shows were the rainforest is and were it used to be located. 


Picture: Shows the slash and burn effects. This is one type of deforestaion.

Consequences of Deforestation

- The carbon cylce becomes altered- This makes the trees release more carbon turning into C02 which causes the Green house effect.

- The water cycle gets altered. This makes the trees release it into the atmosphere and the climate will become drier.

- Soil Erosion= This results in a loss of soil.

- The region becomes a desert.