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Destruction of the Rainforest

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Biome Description

Tropical Rainforest Biome


The tropical rainforests is a biome that requires year round warmth. Most rainforests are located around the equator. Rainforests belong to the wet tropical climate group. The temperatures range from 68 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. They average about 100 inches of rainfall a year. This is because their average humidity percentage is 77 to 88%.

Rainforests now only take up 6% of the earth. Scientists believe that over half of earth’s plant and animal species live within the rainforests. These plants are very useful. We use them today for about of all our medicines. Many of the plant and animal species are alike throughout all rainforests. The American, African, and Asian rainforests has a different group of plant and animal species. Also these rainforests produce about 40% of the earth’s oxygen.

            In the midst of a rainforest there are 4 different layers of trees. They are emergent, upper canopy, understory, and finally the forest floor. The emergent trees are very far apart and range from 100 to 240 feet tall. They are shaped like the top of an umbrella. The upper canopy has tress that range anywhere from 60 to 130 feet tall. These layers of trees receive an abundant amount of sunlight but they don’t let much sunlight through. The understudy consists of 60 foot trees. Due to the little air movement in this layer the humidity is very high. The forest floor is most likely completely shaded.

            Plants in the rainforest have many adaptations that they have developed. Since they receive an average of 100 inches of rainfall per year they have learned how to shed water off their leaves so that the branches don’t snap off. They also have very large leafs so they can absorb all the sunlight they can. The majority of plant population in the rainforest would be vines. There are about 2,500 species of vines within the rainforests.

            There are many different species of animals living within the rainforest. Many animals have formed the adaptation of living amongst the trees. Some other adaptations that these animals have developed are bright colors and a diet that is based on eating fruits. The majority of the animals with in the rainforest would be insects.

            The temperature affects many of the factors within the rainforests. It effects how much rainfall there may be and how much plants will perspire down to the lower levels. Another abiotic factor that contributes to the rainforests is rain. Rain is very common within the rainforest. They average about 100 inches of rainfall per year.

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